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We are Family!


Bailey's Veggie Ribs is a family-owned business in Southern Ohio. Our parents became vegetarian when we were young children so we grew up on a total vegetarian diet. Our mother was an excellent cook and loved to make her food look and taste even better! After each meal, she would always say "I have dined sufficiently!" with a big smile on her face. She made sure that each of her four daughters could cook well, also.  The family business came about after going to various events or restaurants and the vegetarian/vegan options were so poor! We wanted OUR food to taste just as delicious as the other food! For years we purchased and ate vegetarian meat analogues, but they were laden with sodium, and needed so much "doctoring", we decided we might as well just make our own! Whenever we'd get together, we'd talk about what delectable creations we had come up with, and somehow veggie ribs became a family favorite.

Mom developed colon cancer in 1985 and after prayerful research on dairy foods, decided to remove all milk and dairy from her diet. She is now vegan and cancer-free for 30+ years! Because of our love of delicious food, we've been successful in making pretty much all of our family favorites, macaroni & cheese, ice cream, cheese cake, Special K Loaf, zucchini bread, all without any milk, eggs or cheese! We're actually working on adding our own vegan cheese to the menu here. Stay tuned!

Bailey's Veggie Ribs operates out of a certified commercial kitchen in Dayton, Ohio, but our food is still cooked with lots of love! 

Yvonne Bailey, our main caterer, has been cooking for over 30 years and is certified in food preparation and handling.

So now, we bring our family to you!


So, this just happened...

We'll tell you "the back story" later, but we have been deluged with calls, emails, and messages after Tabitha Brown posted her live video on Facebook and Instagram, July 10 of her tasting Bailey's Veggie Ribs for the first time. If you haven't already seen the video, you can watch it at:



any of these dishes can be delivered or shipped to the 48 contiguous states. no deliveries outside of the us.



How are orders delivered?

All orders are prepared and frozen with freezer paks to ensure food freshness. They are then shipped 2-day express to the address provided.

Do I have to cook the veggie ribs or chiken?

No, the food is fully cooked and frozen before shipping. Just heat and serve!

How long will it last?

While you'll want to eat it right away, if you don't, our veggie foods can last in the fridge for about a week; in the freezer for several months. We truly doubt it'll last that long, though!

How long does it take to receive my order?

We are doing our best to fill these orders as quickly as possible. We have a massive number of orders to fill since Tabitha Brown's video went viral on Facebook and Instagram!  We will keep you posted on your individual orders.

How do I order?

Scroll up to the "Order Here" section and place your order there.

All orders must be paid for in advance.

Do your products contain wheat? Soy?

Our products are made from gluten.

 Gluten is the wheat protein left after the starch has been washed out of the wheat.
The chiken also contains soy.



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Let's chat about vegan & vegetarian food!

While vegetarianism and veganism appears to be the latest craze, God's original diet for man was a vegan diet. Genesis 1:29 states: "Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. 

They will be yours for food."

Since everything God made was good, why shouldn't our food today be just as good? Vegan, vegetarian and BLAND are NOT synonymous!

Bailey's Veggie Ribs